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How to Login Instagram Through Applications Up to a PC

How to Login Instagram Through Applications Up to a PC

Instagram is a social media for sharing moments in the form of photos, videos or stories with a variety of interesting filters. Users can also do live broadcasts, either alone or with friends.
Currently, Instagram is still a favorite social media, especially among young people. For users who already have an account, here’s how to easily login Instagram:

Through the Application

Open the Instagram application on a smartphone. Enter username and password. Click Login.

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Through the Web

Users can also log in to their Instagram account via the web. First, open the browser and type the site Then the Login menu appears. Enter username and password. Click Login. Done.

Instagram also allows users to have more than one account to separate personal and business matters. No need to worry, users can log in with multiple accounts in one application or smartphone. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure Instagram is the latest version. Open the application and log in with the first account.
  2. After logging in, click Profile, then click Three Lines in the upper right corner.
  3. Open the Settings menu, then click Add Account, and log in using a second account. Done. Maximum login to five accounts.
  4. If you have previously logged in the first account, users can go directly to the Profile menu then click the username. There will be a Add Account option later.

Sometimes users experience problems when logging in Instagram, could be due to internet networks or errors in entering a password. Here’s how to solve the Instagram login problem:

Reset Password via E-mail

Open the Instagram application. On the Login menu, under the username and password column, click “Get help logging in”. Then a help page appears. There are three options for accessing your Instagram account, namely, use your username or email, send an sms, and log in with Facebook.
Select the option to use a username or email. Enter your username or email. Then your account photo screen appears and enter the “Send an Email” section, click OK.

You will get an email notification to the email address that you use for the Instagram account. Enter the email and click the link that Instagram has sent to reset your Instagram account password.

Try logging in via computer.

If you have tried to log in to your Instagram account through the application on a smartphone and it hasn’t worked, then try another method, Login via computer. It could be that the error is not with you but the Instagram server that is down. Visit the web page. Next as usual, enter your username and password.

Reinstall the Application

This method does not seem to connect, but it could be your choice to overcome the Instagram Login problem. First remove the Instagram application that is already installed. Then, reinstall the application through the Google Play Store or App Store.